Welcome to Handmade By Terry!

HELLO THERE & WELCOME TO ALL MY LOVELY FABULOUS FRIENDS… the old, the new, and the soon to be!  I’m so excited you stopped by!!!

Let me begin with a big ‘virtual hug’ and a happy welcome to my very own online shop Handmade By Terry.  All items in my shop are crafted by yours truly.  As a hand-crafter and artisan, my mission is to give life to fun trendy creations that allow for a unique expression of one-self.  My hope is that the time and love I put into each and every item I create will enrich the lives of all they touch.


In my shop, Handmade By Terry, you will find a variety of crocheted creations from accessories and home décor items to market bags and face scrubbies.  AND… (drum roll please) as of Summer 2016 you will also find jewelry creations!  Yay!!!

A warning:  While I may make multiple creations of particular styles, I typically do not replicate exact jewelry designs.  What does this mean?  It means you most likely will not see exact replicates of an item but you may see similar creations.  Please keep this in mind when shopping.


Specific items will change over time and this is greatly affected by you and your feedback.  So please let me know if there’s something specific that you’re loving or maybe something you’d like to see.  I make no guarantees, but I love the fresh input and if it feeds my creative genie I will try to make it happen.


Please take a minute to get to know the real me and check out my mini bio.  If you like what see then lets get connected through social media.  You can find me on:  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and even Linked-In.


And finally, if you find that you’re loving my creations I would be truly grateful if you would take the time to spread the word.  You can do this by sharing links to my site and my creations within your own social networks.  While my passion brings my creations to life, I need your support to find homes for them so that I can continue creating.

I would love hear from you and I look forward to getting to know you!!!

Hugs, TerryO